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Life is lame, honestly. Only a fool makes efforts towards an impossible goal. That makes me a fool too.
The dream came. It was from the previous month's massive festival of peace and solidarity, as Shin-Ra had finally agreed to make life better for the citizens of Midgar, and rebuild Sector Seven, under the governing rule of a new, somewhat mysterious governor.

It had only been three weeks since an odd fault line had opened, and taking out over a hundred square mile chunk of land, barely missing the outskirts of Midgar by ten miles.

But the fault line wasn't the real issue, it was the demons at the bottom that was a HUGE problem. They ate every living human that they got a hold of, young, old, male, female, everyone.

And fending them off was difficult because magic was next to useless against them.

Most of the citizens of Midgar that made it to the upper city were safe, because the demons somehow could not climb the walls, though their sharp claws seemed to be able to stick into anything.

The dream was sweet, but short lived, because the woman would soon be awakened by the calling of many large birds. The arrival of cosmic forces.

The demons had not re-surfaced; as it was they only attacked after sunset and would retreat after sunrise, but the one the woman fought last night fought until well after sunrise, thus she was able to use the demon's weakness to sun exposure to her advantage.

However, the time until sunset was less than four hours, so the cosmic forces would soon be up to their necks in demons.

Many of the wounded and recovering were still on the ground, but were soon assisted by medics specially trained in top-class medicine. Many of those wounded and barely alive were successfully revived and well healed.

Soon, Cloud would walk over, a bit stumbly but otherwise okay, and sit by the woman. "I wonder, where did the cosmic army come from?"

The woman looked over at Cloud, then at the now setting sun. "I don't know, Cloud. But I do know this. The demons are going to resurface very soon. The cosmic forces better be ready."

As the sun finally set and the skies grew dark, the shrieks, screams and hisses of the demons could be heard from far below...
And we will win! Part two
The second part of the fan fiction. The cosmic forces arrive! Also, a bit of backstory comes from a dream by the main character's POV, whom has been referred to as Aeris, or Gainsborough by other characters but NOT by the writer, yet...

Beginning: Part one
Next: Part three
She swung that unnaturally heavy sword, getting more and more of that blackened blood all over herself, but not caring. She was the last one on the battlefield who could wield a weapon, and in all rage mode, she was going to win this day, for the glory of her clan, damn it.

'Clan!?' She thought, as she stabbed the heavy sword into the heart of this foul beast, before giving it a shove off the blade, sending it over the cliff and down a good half a mile with a sickening splat a few seconds later.

She squatted, gasping for breath as she dropped the sword to the ground. "Cloud, how the Hell do you use this thing?"

She looked back, saw Cloud on his back, not moving, perhaps not breathing either, and sighed.

She stood up, dusted herself off, getting blood all over her dress, and walked over to her wounded comrades-in-arms.

Tifa stared straight up at her. "I'd expect no less from a half Angel." Tifa's speech was labored, like her breathing; no surprise since her left lung was obviously collapsed from a demon slashing her torso with its nineteen inch claws.

She smiled. "I am just lucky I was able to shove it off the cliff. I don't know how much more I could have taken."

Tifa smiled slightly, blood pouring once more from her deeply lacerated cheek.

She walked on, finding that a few of her comrades-in-arms were no longer among the living. She stopped in front of Yuffie, whom had recovered enough to start standing up slowly.

Yuffie looked up at her. "A victory, is never without loss."

She knelt down, wincing a bit as her knees were well scraped, and looked into Yuffie's eyes. "Victory, we have yet to achieve. Who knows what the next day brings."

Yuffie used her shoulders to stand herself up, and then she stood up and walked on.

She stopped in front of a familiar figure, and knelt down. There lie Cloud, on his back, eyes closed, barely breathing. "Cloud..."

Cloud's eyes opened. He smiled slightly. "Aeris..."

She shushed him with her finger. "Save your strength. Maybe we can talk after this is all over.

Cloud closed his eyes, and she stood up, and walked on, passing by the many dead SOLDIERS whom had also battled the demonic armies and either died or were fatally wounded and out of help's reach.

She walked over to the leader of the brigade of the army fighting these demons. She looked up at the approaching woman expectantly. "Many of our numbers are unable to continue. How long before the seal can be reapplied?"

The leader looked into the woman's eyes. "The seal...are you kidding? The seal is a lost cause. We must vanquish the army of demons now. Not to worry, Gainsborough. Soon we'll have an inexhaustible force."

She looked in the leader's eyes. "How soon is soon? Better be by the next nightfall. We cannot fend off anymore demons until we've healed."

The leader smiled. "Within the next three hours."

She nearly collapsed from sudden fatigue, but was quickly caught by the leader, and laid down on the obelisk where the leader would sit. "Rest easy, Gainsborough. You've done more than enough."
And we will win! Part one
A fan fiction, involving Final Fantasy characters, from VII, and others, as well as OCs and characters from other games.


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Happiness...yeah right

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 22, 2014, 1:45 PM
  • Mood: Lonely
  • Playing: Guitar Hero: Metallica

The only thing I can think of that will bring me happiness now, is leaving this horrible, hateful world.

I'll never be happy here.

I am unloved, not cared for, hated, ostracized, mentally and emotionally raped, and all I did to deserve this is be a good person, and do good deeds.

That is the kind of world this is. One worth forsaking.

I plan on doing just that.

The near future holds for me, my demise and my path to happiness and peace.

Maybe, the lady I am supposed to be with is already there, waiting for me.

What am I doing, wasting my time here!??

I shalln't. My mortal life ends soon.


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